Friday, September 9, 2011

spreading waves

spreading waves at citymarket

The PC is a small form-factor Olivetti PCS11. Look how snugly it sits in the TV cradle!


In Tampere, the city has set itself to oppose poster advertising. Of course, this does not apply to outdoor advertising giants like ClearChannel and JCDecaux, who operate among controversy, and seek to monopolize the visual scenery.
Advertising is corner-capturing in the noosphere. Promotion of ideas; trying to find a "cellable" expression for things that are greater than their physical form. The Old Ones are still strong; eg. Nike, Goddess of Victory. Some ideas are subtle; they exist subliminally, developing of their own accord, without need for support on the part of the thinker. Perhaps they are even unintentional: thoughts that sneak their way into our minds of their own volition, independent of those they speak through! Freudian slips of the collective unconscious: "Be 'em, double You" - a plea for increased empathy? The reciprocity principle maintains that the forces you choose to drive will be the forces that drive you. Those who subscribe to the Law of One might find pleasure in steering "a Lex: Us". Those tired of playing the wading game may want to move on from the Ford; and so on.
On a grander scale, the Upper Echelons of the socio-economic complex would like to sell us on the idea of materialism, of living and self-expression through possessions. The medium is the message, but the message can be arrived at from different vectors; the thought is far more relevant than ownership. In the end, it's all about the brands we choose to accept.

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