Monday, June 6, 2011

Local Magnetic Anomaly

Local Magnetic Anomaly (500.0kHZ ø 108.0MHz 61.495545 - 23.778801_16.18 - 16.55) from Valmet Children on Vimeo.
The music is composed of test runs of a new software synthesizer and recordings made by my friends tzaeru and pahamoka.
There is a thematic element that relates to augmented reality. The soundtrack uses material recorded from various sources of electromagnetic radiation. Like the oscilloscope, the recording brings normally unexperienced frequencies to the scope of perception. Using a smart phone with a magnetic field sensor and a head set, it's entirely possible to listen to this normally unheard world around us. The transhumanist in me would like to think that at some point, this technology and others like it will seamlessly integrate into our physical form, providing us with enhanced or entirely new senses. Already, things like Google Maps becoming readily accessible anywhere are altering the way we navigate our physical reality.

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  1. There is now Ether from Soma Labs, that is precisely the kind of Augmented Reality discussed in this post: