Friday, December 23, 2011


Explanations of two trinities-in-one. I already wrote about Cain-Abel-Metatron, so I guess it's time to talk about the Father-Son-Holy Ghost thing. Two things to know: the Holy Ghost is the eerie connection the lives of a father and son share: "whatever's happened to me, shall happen to you. Whatever happens to you, has happened to me", as one might say. Obviously it's not 1:1, but variations on a theme. The link, the Holy Ghost, is DNA. The genome carries "about 725 megabytes" of data. Distributed over a 75 year lifespan, that would give an average 154 bits per minute. Think about it.
Anyway, about the crossover sequence: the trinity is
  1. The son
  2. The penitent thief - repenting stealing the father's place in the sun
  3. The one who's first to go - I.O.U.
And that's I.O.U. as in I owe you a better treatise than this.
Edit: To make this a three-in-one, I present the three names: the Long Name, the Anti-Name, and the Name of Peace.

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