Friday, December 23, 2011

Cane and Able to Dance Forever

This post was meant for the 22. so read it as such.
The pair of Cain and Abel is, perhaps, the most oft-misinterpreted. The thing is, they are not a pair at all, but a trinity. Or, a unity. See, united, they are Metatron - the Scribe of God, able to edit their own destiny. As the Scribe, Metatron, by definition, has editor rights. The real reason for recording fratricide in the first place is that Cain and Abel are supposed to set an example. The catch here is, that they're also to set an example of what not to do.
"That's some catch, that Catch-22."

"It's the best there is."
So, the thing that's variable about a knife is that it can be "good" or "bad", depending on how it's used. It can be a weapon; it can be a tool.
There is a catch to everything, but sometimes it's there just to "Sweden" the deal.

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