Monday, September 19, 2011

Ethereal chessboards

After a long pause, I managed to catch another illusion. I submitted it to Buenzli 2011, aka Demodays, where it was placed 6th out of 8 in the mini-animation compo.
 I quite like this one. In the realm of illusions, it's known as a motion-inducing visual effect (try looking at the center). Also, it looks totally different in the thumbnail, so it's like a two images embedded in one!

This one is neat: watch as your interpretation of where the "solid" lines appear changes (or maybe it doesn't - everyone is unique and this one relies on interpretation more, but hey it still looks nice!).
Now, speaking of chess, remember Ingmar Bergman? His portrayal of life as a game played with Death is, in my view, earnest (that's almost his first name!).
Trying to live a life you'd like to be remembered for is not easy. People seek to optimize their lives according to whatever framework of values they've chosen. Then, on one hallow eve, She will come to you, and you realize that the symbol of life hangs suspended by her neck (and I'm not talking about the pendant - you figure it out!). Time seems to stop, her beauty and lustre capture you until the only thing you want to do is kiss her. The whole weight of eternity descends on you because you know that if you kiss her, if you take her hand, it will be the end of "you".
Or - maybe not! How's one to know..? Yeah, true...
  • Reincarnation: the dance continues.
  • Heaven/hell scenario: well this is just reincarnation, but with a tinge of make-believe eternity thrown in (for if you can't leave heaven, then it's not really heaven, etc)
To escape from Samsāra, one must accept the Endless.
  • Nothingness. Nirvāna, a break in the cycle (and, perhaps, a nihilist's vision of heaven!). A very different form of existence, to be sure, but even non-existence can be construed as a form of existence: it is a way of being through non-being, preferred by that-which-is-before-anything, by dreams, and by things that predate existence. 
I really can't write any more about this, for even as I do, my words seem inadequate in conveying the thoughts whose form I am trying to put into them. I am no bard, o! but I'll continue in my efforts to channel the inexpressible none the less.
Chess Master: to Thou Sand!

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