Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More plugins

Edited 21.4.2010: Chroma Key plugin
Edited again 26.4.2010: PolarCoordinates for vvvv
Edited once more 12.5.2010: OS X binaries
I have finished some new FFGL plugins for Resolume 3.2.0.
They are:
  • Edge Detection, with support for Sobel and Laplace filters (adapted from examples in the OpenGL Superbible - a great OpenGL resource!)
  • Wave Warp, which can distort the image according to a few different basic waveforms (sine, square, sawtooth, triangle and noise). Update 4.8.2010: the HLSL vvvversion of this plugin is now available at vvvv.org.
  • Polar Coordinates. Swaps between polar and cartesian interpretations for coordinate pairs. This one is not included in the Resolume release, so you'll need to get it at Assembla.
  • New: Chroma Key. A lot of people have been asking for this, but don't get too excited: this is a very rudimentary key, with a few tweaks but not really comparable to commercial chroma keyers. The source is available, of course, and improvements are more than welcome. The plugin is definitely not a  replacement for preprocessing with a real keyer, but a "better than nothing" solution for eg. realtime green screen applications. 
Direct link to pre-compiled binaries for all effects.

Here is a demo video from Resolume, showing the first two effects:

 As usual, the source code is available at the Assembla repository.

Polar Coordinates

Wave Warp

Edge Detection


  1. YES! these are all awesome.. but is there any chance to get the FFGL chromakey plugin ported to a mac version ".component"


  2. The XCode project can be found on Assembla, so if you're in a hurry, you can build it yourself. I'll try to have Mac binaries online soon, though.

  3. can I download the chroma key plug-in somehow?

  4. Yes - go to https://www.assembla.com/code/ffgl/subversion/nodes/trunk/binaries and select your platform, then click "release" and download the FFGLChromaKey plugin. But, again, it is not very good.