Monday, March 16, 2020

Robotically drawn Buddhas

I got an Axidraw plotter/drawing machine for Christmas, and I've finally made something with it. The process was very interesting, because what was on the screen did not always translate to paper quite the same. All through this process, the Freenode #inkscape user tinystoat was extremely helpful - I probably would not have figured these things out on my own, at least not without severe head-banging!
Here are the first two revisions:
Version 1
In this version, I had the lines surrounding the Buddha outline clipped. The plotter extension, however, ignored the clipping.

Version 2
In this version, the lines were cut, but they had been converted from strokes to paths in the process! The result was these box shapes.

Version 3: The Golden Buddha
This is the final version: in metallic gold color on black cardboard.
I gave the first revisions to friends, but I am willing to sell this final version. Please approach me with an offer in the comments if you're interested!
Here it is framed on my wall:


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