Sunday, March 1, 2020

Instanssi 2020

Uggaha nimitta
The title of the work means "spontaneous vision arising in meditation". It was made with Gimp,  Apophysis and Google Earth Pro. Several Buddha images have arisen to me in closed-eye meditation, although this particular image was not one of them, but was inspired by one of them. So, it would be better termed a "Paribhaga nimitta" - an image that has been subjected to mental manipulation. The photo was taken at the Aurinko shop.
Prints are available on RedBubble.
I took part in the Graphics compo at Instanssi 2020 with it. It placed #11/16.
The idea of the image is that everything, including the world, is mental.
Mind precedes all knowables,
mind's their chief, mind-made are they. 
- Dhammapada verse 1 
This is succintly put in Sabba Sutta:
"What is the All? Simply the eye & forms, ear & sounds, nose & aromas, tongue & flavors, body & tactile sensations, intellect & ideas. This, monks, is called the All.
I also participated in the "Summamutikka" or "Wild" compo with this work, Golden Frog:

It is made to a track by the same name by shroomi.
It placed #13/14.
I also took a couple of photos to try out my lens ball.

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