Sunday, September 29, 2019

Skrolli Party 2019

This weekend, I participated in Skrolli Party. I contributed this image to the Wild Compo (there were only two competition categories, Demo and everything else, ie. Wild):
It was made with an image from Wikimedia Commons, Gimp, Processing and Blender.
It placed 9th out of 11. Prints are available on RedBubble.
The Swastika on the left stands for Samsara, the Wheel of Life, or cyclical existence. I have read that the Swastika also symbolizes the footsteps of the Buddha. By following these footsteps, we get from left to right, to the light symbolizing enlightenment.
On the third eye of the Buddha shines the Seed of Life pattern, standing here for the seed of the holy life, a life lived according to the five precepts and the Noble Eight-fold Path, with the Buddha-Dharma as a guide. Of course, the Buddha also warned about grasping at precepts: with right view, the right effort of following precepts is almost effortless, and does not involve attachment.
The aspiration for personal liberation (Hinayana) or Buddhahood (Mahayana) is Bodhicitta, the title of this work, meaning roughly a mind aiming at enlightened wisdom. Even though a life steered by such a mind aims at enlightenment and liberation, in the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha said:
all living beings will eventually be led by me to the final nirvana, the final ending of the cycle of birth and death. And when this unfathomable, infinite number of living beings have all been liberated, in truth not even a single being has actually been liberated.
This is the wonder of emptiness: no ceasing, no arising, no attainment, with nothing to attain.

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