Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Language learning

I just came across a nifty little script for the awesome mpv media player. I made a slight improvement to it: multiple language support, seeing as I always like to have subtitles, in case I can't make out a word, and because I find that having subtitles in a language you're learning, provided the audio is in a language you can understand, is a great way to keep in practice.
Here are some other resources I have used in learning new (human) languages:
  • Duolingo
    • Very nice interactive language training, free!
  • Free Rice
    • Best for building a vocabulary, this site has many subjects besides languages, and also works like the Hunger Site, in that your clicks give food to those suffering from starvation.
  • CouchSurfing
    • The way to learn to speak a living language is to converse. Having guests over, or visiting people in areas with other languages, is a great way to make that happen.
  • ConversationExchange
    • A neat way to find foreign-language pen-pals, this site lets you lists languages you know, those you'd like to learn, and will do the match-making for you.
  • Bookmooch
    • Another way to learn is to read in the language you're learning. Bookmooch will help you find books to read, especially if the language you're trying to learn is english - which most of the books on offer are in.

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