Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sea Initiation

I did not write "Sea Christening", as it has unwanted christian connotations. In fact, in finnish, this ritual is something like "wettening"; and that amply describes mine. Sea water spray, obviously.
I've been sailing for a few years, but so far, only sweet waters. That changed.
I sailed with the sailing galleon Albanus from Turku to Mariehamn. Thanks to Suomen Nuorisopurjehtijat for organizing this trip, and to the captain and crew for making it happen!
From there, the adventure continued, and began in earnest when I got a message from the captain of the sailing yacht Gust. We met in Godby, and from there, set out for Örö, where Snupu was to have a sailing date on the coming weekend.
Along the way, fair sailing weather turned to a storm. Gust kissed... then again. The sea is a harsh lover, so the kisses were with rocks. The bow of this plywood boat split. As I write this, it is in the very hospitable marina of Seglinge.
There are treasures along this route. We saw two rainbows, one very broad.
As Gust is now in dire need of assistance, donations  are more than welcome! Read more on the Gust blog. There are also two separate wishlists available, for those who are pondering how much to give, and to what end the money will go:

Of course, direct material donations are very appreciated, as well!

My photo gallery.

Here are some more photos from the voyage of Albanus: 
I ran out of money on this trip. When this happened, I went to Heavenly Senses in the Sittkoff Gallery to get a "Anti-Stress" incense, to ease and to help me think on how to sort this situation out. It turned out I was 5 cents short. I explained that I needed this incense specifically to balance out my monetary woes, and that I had given the sales attendant my last coins. She was very understanding, and let me have it without a further word.
I spent the last of my dough on attaining Nirvana, and on Mercedes' Chocolates to accompany it.
Pride was ongoing. I couldn't afford a flag. Pride goeth before a fall... in love, I should hope.

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