Thursday, June 23, 2016

War as a Tool

Recently, something I read got me fired up, so I put down some of this stuff.
Scarcity of the impose variety - everything for us, deluxe top notch, nothing... oh.... I mean crumbs to them; that's trickle-down, and that's the ruling economic principle. So all you get down-river from our toxic plant is worse poisons than the shit that people gasp at, that goes in the Ganges, that people can actually bathe in and feel refreshed instead of acid-burnt, like our tetra-fuckumups or whatever you didn't learn to fear in chemistry class due to budget cuts?
Dow chemical and friends are not to be feared, unless you're the enemy "du jour", an Indian piece of collateral damage or some slant-eyed Indo-China gook, fuck those people you've never met, not like you'll get a napalm strike in your back yard as long as you stay on our good side, and we don't do it by accident, like those few nuclear bombs our flyboys have accidentally dropped on our soil, to date. See, the fact that they didn't detonate just proves manifest destiny, and that the big dude upstairs is on our side. Just ignore the fact that in one instance, at least three redundancy safe-guards failed simultaneously. It's not like that could be construed as any kind of warning; you're reading too much into stuff, go back to sleep and be a good citizen. Not like there's any danger if your infallible leadership is wrong; besides, to err is human, and have those people shown much humanity in their actions? Thought so.
Oh hey, did you hear? They finally got the eternal war machine in the teeth of the war crimes tribunal! Turns out, every serviceperson's justification was the same: the order came from on high. I guess they we're successful in washing out personal ethics and morality from those folk in basic training, and then the superceding principle of "your responsibility is to turn down and refuse immoral orders" became what it really is: word rattle.
But guess what? They went up the chain all the way to the top: the commander-in-chief, the head honcho with the big hat. The answer was still the same! Well whoop-de-doo, I guess we were a theocrary all this time! It was God's work, so it's their responsibility - not the people's, 'cos have you seen any real power in those voices that cry harshly far into the night, begging for their children's safety overseas? Nah, man!
Well, past attempts to bring God to justice have been less than successful, so it looks like the system is fool-proof. Keep those wheels turning, and keep them well-lubricated, with blood for oil. More meat for the grinder! At least we got us our hamburger... hill. Who'd dare to throw a wrench into the works of such a wretched, yet functioning machine? You might get hurt by shrapnel, unlike on those no-knock guns-blasting warrantless searches that gunslingers get to go on. I mean, there's gotta be a reason they call the sight on that carbine "ACOG", right?
Of course, anyone willing to look behind the curtain will see a wizened banker family named Rothschild pulling the strings, not God, but who'd care to see the true face of our rulers? Just obey.
 “If my sons didn't want war, there wouldn't be any” -- Gutle Schnaper Rothschild
"Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do, or die." - Military motto 
Well, my measly country of five million is no better (although not engaged in plundering resource wars abroad currently; more like peacekeeping). The politicos cut welfare, education, research, medicine, infrastructure, but those are just too common for them to care about; common stuff is for commoners. It's a much more hefty power trip to spend 10 billion €uros on weapons to maim "those other folk", meaning anybody's child but yours, and on a persistent atmosphere of high-tension terror. Keeping the herds fearful? Priceless!
Oh yeah, words like "mine scare" and "persistent horror effect" are surely not terrorist parlance - if it's the Defense Minister talking! Source criticism, or lack thereof, huh? Sounds like an exploitation of trust with regards to source, but then, no-one seems to mind day-to-day exploitation of their very beings; their bodies turned to work for scraps of food, so that they'll work another day; their emotions played on, like an orangutang might play the harp.
Be glad there's currently no draft, so that there's less of a visible protest against sending young-uns off to kill, wound, harm and die for the fat cats' interests of the day, and for their entertainment. In here, there's a "weapons duty", ie. conscription. If you're born into a certain type of body, that is. There's also a full-time Equality Minister, who got grilled about the fact that only males have to serve in the armed forces (or else). She made the reply that yeah there's inequality there, because if a woman wants to serve voluntarily, she must pay for her own entry medical examination. The questioner was stunned to silence, the minister went on with her life and didn't fix even this problem that she herself recognized and voiced.
Now, there's been a wider recognition of the blaringly obvious in-your-face fact that the law "you must grab a weapon and serve. If you are male. Unless you are a Jehova's Witness, or unless you live in a certain island that's been granted an autonomous status, being the right to decide for yourself" just might be less that egalitarian. Well, the suggested fix by one of the current ruling parties, the third-largest such political entity in Finland right now, was to make women fall under the same mandatory conscription. So yeah, if you see the need to take a fork in the road, of course it's possible to go full-steam in the wrong direction.
Unofficially, you see, it's been the recognize state of affairs that's even been said aloud by some in political discourse: a woman is already duty-bound, and that duty is to make babies, 'cos a man can't. But two women can (for real, these days). Women make 'em, men destroy 'em. Shakti-Shiva. Ok, checks out, but I don't agree with turning a woman's body into a state's baby factory. Of course, there's no legislation to force them to do so, so I guess it wan't really a comparable situation to begin with, now was it?

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