Wednesday, February 3, 2016


On 26.1.2016, I took part in a hacker conference, I was there as a speaker, which made me quite nervous, and, in fact, caused me to forget to mention a tidbit about how Burp Suite can be set to automatically update the content-length header of requests modified at the proxy. The presentation is available on Github. Here's a video recording:

All in all, it was a great time! I might have also shown some interesting Shodan  searches (product:mongodb and some webcam searches come to mind), but oh well.
There were interesting presentations and workshops. Sadly, I missed out on the traffic analysis workshop, but I got a +1 to lockpicking, which is a great hobby! There are practice locks and lockpicks available on and AliExpress. It's a great feeling when things finally "click" and the lock yields.
I've been focusing on information security, lately, eg. by taking a course on Coursera, which is a great, free-as-in-beer learning platform. And speaking of "free as in beer", I was approached by a recruiter from a certain major finnish software vendor at the event! I thought I would finally make myself useful in the working life after some years of unemployment, when he promised that "you're already hired, you can start on Monday!". We shook hands, twice, and I even got him to buy me a beer to seal the deal. So there's the segue.
However, the following Monday, the email I got was far more reserved. He asked me to submit a formal application, including my résumé, which I did. Then, some days of agitated waiting later, he got back to me with "yeah, we're really looking for someone in the Helsinki region" (whereas I'm based in Tampere). Even though we'd discussed this at the event, and he'd promised that the company would take care of finding me an apartment (I would've been willing to relocate)!
Well, I guess I'll just continue my studies and FLOSS efforts in "noble poverty". At least I got a beer out of it!

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