Saturday, November 3, 2012


There was a sullen scholar, whose book was
a tome that taught there was no gain, nor loss
She knew a maddened dervish: as love's slave
he'd quite forgotten how he should behave
"Since all is truly One, then please explain
how birds sit on a branch?", he yelled, insane
The reply was not swift, but when it came:
"We're each of us a tree: it is the same
as recursion, your stupid, favorite game:
for all these trees are branches, in a tree
this tree contains the world, now do you see?
If you look closer still, then your eye sees
The leaves of every branch: you guessed it, trees!
And that's not all", she said, "there's symmetries
and synchronicities - plenty of these!"
With this, the dervish said: "I understand
now how all creatures of the air and land
can go about their lives, and yet belong
to this great unison, heaven's throng!"

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