Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love to end all Wars

I made a story with this in mind, but some concrete examples on what to do:
  • In WW2 flight simulators, The British Spitfires only go on missions that are aimed at dropping the German V2 rockets into the sea. I read somewhere that there were a few successful test runs like this already, so to make an even better deal with the Germans: to only build unarmed Spitfires, provided the Germans don't send out the rockets on any unplanned trajectories (that is, they aim for the sea). 
  • In WW1 flight simulators, both sides send out weather balloons. The biplanes only go on simple missions, such as shooting down the other side's weather balloons. The pilots may let children paint the balloons, before they go on the missions. They may also choose not to shoot.
  • In Viet Nam, the GI package will be:
    • "General Is-You" E-ration. To be shared.
    • Loudspeakers that play whatever music they choose. On Special Operations, they must try to mimic the other side's sounds.
    • All sides are given a map of the jungle in advance.
    • All this should go on until the only complaint will be "Charlie bit my finger"... when he was supposed to smoke my joint.
  • In the Navy, the above-surface ships shall lower speakers into the water. It's already been proven that a sonar ping can be forever altered in such a way that it never repeats itself. Therefore, I propose that the submarine operators are taught to echo the sea's sounds, and use those as pings - until they are assured that it works (bloop is the sound that all the bombs will make). If they're lucky, they'll get to echo a dolphin.
  • In the ground forces, the participants are issued a foldable go table, and trained to play go and serve tea until there are no enemies - on either side of the table. In training, they are taught to swerve. They are also taught why they are not issued guns anymore.
  • In all conflicts, the Signal Corps are trained until the only clash will be a sound clash. Eg. I saw a movie (please remind me of the name) about sending out peace doves. This is a near-eternal technique (the nature of the dove varies), but the principle remains. The only thing is, they should be addressed to the other side to begin with.
I'll link to the story later.

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