Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great Digs from the Crates

Or maybe not that great - after all, this was published under a pen name for a reason.

Södersunds Defibrillator (Regi: Kajsa Näsk) from Valmet Children on Vimeo.
Music: Valmet Children

Art director: Kajsa Näsk
It placed 4th (out of 6) at Alternative Party 2008 - a mere two points behind Kosmoplovci's work. I've always been an admirer of kpl, so the piece could not have been better placed in the results (definitely would not have wanted to take their well-earned place on the podium). As a humorous side note, I actually won a competition at this party - the "Name Voting" (a demoscene tradition) compo, where the name of the entry was the entry. I guess the audience at this event was geeky enough to appreciate the meta-referential "see previous entry".
So, continuing on the topic of names, why was this released under the pseudonym Kajsa Näsk? In short, because the piece is too pretentious even for me to bear - so I came up with the guise of Kajsa, who can take the blunt of my own criticism. Basically, she's the by-the-book, graduated-from-art-school Certified Artist, whose work carries True Meaning and Insight.
Yeah I was somewhat troubled by methods and forms of communication. It's much better now; I've got order where I need it, chaos where I want it, and the delightful interplay of both wherever I look.

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