Thursday, November 24, 2011

Optical Filters

Here are some more experiments with realtime visual processing - this time, in the physical domain.
First is a circular cell filter. I used a Lee milky white diffusion filter and disposable drinking straws. It's a small-scale experiment inspired by the likes of pixelator and abstractor.

Next in line were some forays into the world of infrared. I made the infrared filter using the black leader from photography film. The different frequency spectrum enables a cool trick:

I also got an IR illuminator on the cheap. In the same vein, I made some IR goggles following this guide:

Finally, this pair of upcycled glasses was inspired by some prismatic diffraction goggles from Werner Piepers' MedienXperimente, which look like this:

And mine:

Here's the construction steps and what I ended up with (parts used are a plastic bag and a styrofoam cheese packaging tray):

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