Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magick Obscura

This video placed 2/2 at Demodays.
The steps to the ritual were provided by Uncyclopedia. The song is Punanaamainen brittiurpo by zov.
T-Shirt design by Memetic Tees.
Sampled, of course, is Vanilla Ice. In the Sprawl Trilogy, by William Gibson, I.C.E. refers to any countermeasures used in a computer system to prevent outside access or interactions. Since the dawn of computing (and possibly before), the degree of isomorphism between the human mind and a sophisticated, often hypothetical machine intelligence has been widely speculated upon. Insofar as the mind can be viewed as an information processor or computer system (with capabilities far beyond mundane "computing", of course, but you catch my drift), "Vanilla ICE" can surely be viewed as a memetic weapon most fearsome! When encountered, my advice is to make like a cowboy and do what the t-shirt tells you.

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