Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ministry of Sauna: Space

About a year ago, Spinni hosted their last Ministry of Sauna party. Check out the gallery by Jussi Punamäki!
MoS is an annual tradition, and one of my favorite recurring events. In addition to being an awesome party, there is an element that makes it stand out: as the name suggests, the chillout stage is an actual sauna. If you've never tried relaxing to ambient electronica in a sauna environment... well, it comes highly recommended by yours truly.
Unfortunately, there's been some pressure from the greyfaces at the student union for Tampere University of Technology. Long story short, if it's up to them, there won't be another installment in the Ministry of Sauna series - and, since Spinni is a sub-organization of the student union (like all clubs hosted within the university), not to mention that the union owns the sauna building that has served as the venue, it is up to them.
Well, here's hoping the people in charge will come to their senses - or, rather, manage to rid themselves of same for a while, and discover fun! Meanwhile, enjoy a short clip from MoS: Space.

The middle part showing the surface of the moon is NASA World Wind being controlled with a a Wiimote using a patch that I made in vvvv. This was running when I wanted to dance or, you know, go to the sauna, and no one was there to stand in for me running the visuals.

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