Monday, October 4, 2010

Researchers' Night: The Alternative Experiment

Update: here is a longer video of our performance at Omat Laitteet. Still no recording from Kouvola - I'll make a separate post when we get it.

Valmet Children performed as part of the programme for European Researchers' Night in Kouvola. Researchers' Night is all about making science & research interesting to the public, and this year's theme was "the brain as a tool", so it was an excellent fit for our show, which featured the Force Trainer in action for the first time, with both sound and visuals linked to its input.
Here is a short report of the event by AltParty, who organized some of the content, including our performance, in collaboration with the Kymenlaakso College.

 It was really great to play live again - it'd been two years since our last gig when we started practicing in earnest, and I think it's fair to say that we've developed a lot since then.
Our "dress rehearsal" for this show was at Omat Laitteet, a monthly electronic music open stage club here in Tampere with an emphasis on supporting the marginal. I've been blown away every time I've gone there, and I can offer my heartfelt recommendation for anyone in the area to go check it out. Their writeup includes a short video by ODMSys, who ended up playing with us at Kouvola!
We're hoping to put together a full-length DVD of the concert, so stay tuned.

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