Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stream Seven

This weekend I attended the STREAM SEVEN demoparty. Definitely a good party! Check out the prods - I will Tumbl some choice picks.
Myself and zov had an entry in the video competition. I made the video using vvvv and FingerPlayMIDI, then combined with some video samples. The soundtrack is downloadable at It was mostly a one-trick pony, cut & edited in a rush (I actually delayed the end of the compo...), but I'm pretty happy with it.

It ranked 4th 3rd out of 7.
It mostly uses the PolarCoordinates shader. As far as the video effects are concerned, I know datamoshingish esthetics are all the rage right now and I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, but at least my glitches are genuine - they are the result of using a "Digimate DVR Video Player+Recorder Hard Disk Enclosure" (SKU 10486) to record output from a Jakks Pacific EyeClops Bionic Eye (I actually have an older version, sans multizoom). If anyone knows of decent hard disk A/V recorders, let me know, please! SD is fine.

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