Sunday, August 8, 2010

Assembly 2010

Last weekend was spent as Assembly 2010. And what a weekend! Too bad I forgot my camera, so no pictures. Here are the entriesAssemblyTV coveragefull results and pouet page for the party, though.
I VJ'ed at the raves on friday and saturday nights. Shouts to Sequence for hosting them!
A modified version of the spiral effect I wrote about earlier competed in the Real Wild competition. Of course, the production is a demo in itself (it's realtime generated, after all), but it's actually more conceptual than that. The idea is that the "demo" functions like one of David Langford's BLIT images: it acts as a seed that triggers certain events in the brain. So, the brain is the "real" demo platform here. This production came 6th out of 7.
I also contributed slightly to bilotrip's entry for the demo competition. Here is the production:

Our placement was 9/11. This time, "we" means:
  • Visuals: visy + dep + pahamoka
  • Graphics: ilmarque + oasiz
  • Soundtrack: Valmet Children (error303, ilmarque, letq, visy)
  • Other valuable input: mankeli, miiro, setok, blueflame, 216, viznut
The name of the entry, as well as some other elements contained therein, is a reference to COINTELPRO, a series of CIA dirty ops against undesirables. This was at a time when Timothy Leary was called "the most dangerous man in America" by Nixon, for promoting an alternate lifestyle that included the use of LSD. Meanwhile, the CIA was also running another operation, codenamed MK-ULTRA. This operation was about experimenting on unknowing human subjects - with, among other things, LSD. So the US government was busy banning the use of psychedelics by her citizens, while, at the same time, they studied the use of these same substances for purposes of war and mind control. And the legislation spawned by this kind of thinking has spread all over the world through the United Nations.
Here are some of the words that were too dangerous to be uttered aloud:

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