Monday, October 26, 2009

Alternative Party 2009

I attended The Alternative Party, held in Helsinki. Good party, good compos, I had fun.
I threw a cyberpunk-themed VJ set on friday for Dopestars, Inc. Unfortunately, nobody recorded it to the best of my knowledge (my own recorder does not have VGA input).
Valmet Children had prepared an installation, which comprised of an analog synthesizer (the Sorbuscope, by tejeez), a Pure Data patch by visy and some video hardware provided by yours truly. It proved to be surprisingly popular - enough so that I think I'll make made a separate post about it later.
I participated in the Dynamic Demo competition, with help from shroomi (soundtrack) and oasiz (loader soundtrack - not shown in the video). We placed second out of three (full results). I've been thinking about making a dynamic demo since the competition was introduced. This ended up being a rush job (complete with bugs), and relied rather heavily on the IRC gimmick, so I'm not completely satisfied with it, but I guess I'm still glad that I made it.

I also made an entry for the retro graphics competition. The required image format was 320x200 pixels, with 32 colors. My entry actually has 4 unique colors. It placed fourth out of six.

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