Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sine wave generators for Resolume 3 and 2

I wanted to take a look at the new ActionScript support in Resolume 3(.1.1). So, I ported an old test I had done, with much the same purpose, for Resolume 2.41. It's a simple sine wave generator. Too bad Avenue does not support sending FFT data to Flash, like Resolume 2 did - this would be really easy to turn into a spectrum analyser kind of thing if it did.
Download links (including Flash project files and Resolume compatible swf files):


  1. Sorry man but it´s ... not working. Where exactly do i have extract this zip file?

  2. If you're on Resolume 3, anywhere you want (just navigate with the browser, same as any other media). If you're on R2, you need to put them in the ‘flash’ directory, under the one where you installed resolume (usually: C:\Program Files\Resolume-2-0\flash\). For more, go to