Monday, September 28, 2009

FFGL Plugins

ScrollStrip and Static plugins at work
Last summer, I made some FFGL plugins for use with Resolume Avenue. I've been thinking about doing more and eventually releasing them, but haven't gotten around to it yet, so here are the ones I have. They're mostly just simple functionality that I felt was missing from Resolume 3 (coming from 2.41) when it was released.
On a related note, I've started an Assembla space for FFGL plugin developers. You can find it here. Assembla offers some useful functionality for developers, such as a Wiki and version control. It should be joinable for all, so all you need to do to take advantage of it is join Assembla (it's free), log in and join the space.
Anyway, here are the plugins. They are Windows builds, but sources are included for all except the first two:
  • TimeSwitcher - A simple FFGL mixer plugin, like the Timeswitcher mixer in Resolume 2. Unfortunately, I've lost the sources.
  • Stroboscope - A simple FFGL Stroboscope source plugin. Same here - no sources :(
  • Static - Simple whitenoise, with options for grayscale and two-tone noise. Has sources :)
  • ScrollStrip - A filmstrip-like FFGL plugin (see image). Shaders not required.


  1. hi congratulations for your job.
    I'm not programmer but i'm looking for a plugin which let me to make a video delay as an audio delay whith an input source (like a webcam).
    I could set the time of the repetition (between 0 and 10 seconds) and the feedback (between 1 and infinite) Do you know how to do that ?

  2. hey joffo,
    there's many ways to skin a cat :)
    do you want to end up with an FFGL plugin..? if you dislike coding, may i suggest ? i think it is very intuitive and approachable, plus the community is possibly the most supportive i've encountered. check it out, maybe watch through the youtube tutorials, and have a go at it :)